Responsible Gambling

Gambling allows you to feel an adrenaline rush in your blood, and this feeling is unlike anything else. Unfortunately, many people develop gambling addiction and do not know when to stop.

This leads to personality disorders, mental disorders, and the emergence of serious financial problems. If you have a gambling addiction or your relatives or friends suffer from gambling addiction, this article will be helpful.

Causes of Gambling Addiction

There are many reasons for gambling addiction, we will focus on the main ones.

– Mental disorders
If a person suffers from a mental disorder: OCD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, then he or she has a high chance of becoming addicted to gambling. On top of that, according to some reports, if a person has problems with brain biochemistry, this can result in weak willpower. In this case, a player is easily addicted and cannot control some aspects of his or her behavior. Also, children do not yet have a well-formed psyche and can easily become addicted.

 – Human qualities
Character traits such as insularity, shyness can lead to gambling addiction.

 – Intra-family conflicts and depression

Intra-family conflicts, fear of loneliness, depression contribute to the development of gambling addiction. Instead of looking for solutions to problems, the person tries to get distracted from the real world. Eventually, the line between the real and the virtual world is blurred for an addict.

 – Bad habits
Alcohol or drug addiction makes a person prone to gambling addiction. According to statistics, the likelihood of developing a gambling addiction increases 23-fold for people affected by alcohol use disorders.

Gambling addiction symptoms

Signs of gambling addiction are the following:

  • Gambling to the detriment of work, financial condition, and family relationships.
  • Lies about where a person spends time and what he or she spends money on.
  • Constant and growing debts.
  • Lack of willpower and the loss of control.
  • Sleep deterioration and panic attacks.

How to prevent gambling addiction?

If you notice the first symptoms of addiction, do the following:

  • Get a GamStop self-exclusion account.
  • Limit the number of funds you can spend at the casino.
  • Unsubscribe from new casino promotions.
  • Self-exclude from online gambling for some time.
  • Reach out to family, friends, and loved ones for moral support.

What do casinos do to prevent problems with online gambling

Casinos offer the option of self-exclusion for some time or complete account deletion. Besides, each player has control over their finances – the ability to set a deposit limit and a loss limit. On top of that, many casinos invest 1% of their net profit in gambling addiction treatment programs.

I have a gambling addiction, what should I do?

The treatment of gambling addiction is carried out by psychiatrists-narcologists and psychotherapists using group psychotherapy and cognitive treatment. It is also possible to contact special international organizations:

Here is a list of organizations that help Australians:

Seek help from professionals, friends, your family, and you can break this vicious circle and overcome gambling addiction.