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The field of online gambling today does not stand still and is constantly evolving. This leads to the emergence of many Online Gambling Sites in Spain on the Internet, which significantly complicates the selection of a suitable institution. To your relief, we will be glad to help you with this challenging task. The main goal of our team is to create and bring to your attention a quality guide to finding the best casino site in Spain. We have carefully researched casino operators and used geotargeting to personalize our tips for users.

Top 10 Spain online casinos

Our experts have specially developed a table that contains the ten best Spanish online casinos. You can familiarize yourself with this rating below the text. Each of the recommended Online casino sites in Spain has passed a detailed check so that you can be 100% sure of their honesty.

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Our team analyzes many aspects of gambling activities and selects only the best online casinos in Spain. We test all Real Money Casinos from the inside, including registration procedures, depositing, and withdrawing funds. This enables us to publish only verified and truthful information. Also, this approach guarantees that all Online casinos in Spain that we have included in the top rankings are 100% fair and safe for Spanish gamblers. We often update and update information on the site, so we recommend visiting our site regularly. Thus, you will be aware of the main changes and characteristics of the online gambling industry. We are interested in acquainting players with excellent and high-quality casinos on the Internet because this is our task, which we treat with full responsibility.

Trusted Online Casinos in Spain

While there is a huge selection of Online Casinos for real money in Spain out there, the truth is that they are not always an easy choice, and therefore we are here to help you throughout the entire process with our detailed and thoughtful assessment. In addition to making it easier for you to decide when choosing a platform, it is also a way to keep you informed of all your operators in Spain and where you can play Online Casino games for real money. We have personally tested each of the factors listed below to provide you with truthful and up-to-date information. We take into account several criteria, and these are the ones that stand out the most.

These are just a few of the skills we look for at the best real money Spain online casinos to ensure that your experience is always unique and your playing time is enjoyable and, if possible, lucrative.

Online Gambling Sites in Spain

As a progressive country, Spain has officially allowed activities in the field of gambling to attract foreign gamblers from different parts of the world. This happened in 1977 when Prime Minister Adolfo Suarez came to power. The games of roulette, blackjack, baccarat and punto banco were legalized. In addition, the governments of 17 autonomous regions assumed responsibility for licensing and overseeing operators in the countries under their jurisdiction. The first gambling establishment that opened in Spain after implementing the legalizing of the gambling industry was the La Toja casino, located on the island of Isla de la Toja. Slot machines were legalized a little later, in 1981. In 2011, the legislative body passed Law 13/2011, which legalized and regulated the online gambling industry. This is a reasonably progressive step in the online gambling industry in Spain. This Law is also called the Spanish Gambling Law. He controls and regulates the rates in the country. Law 13/2011 allows casinos to apply for permission to provide citizens with all kinds of online games for real money. Spain’s most popular online gambling games are bingo, blackjack, sports betting, baccarat, horse race bets, poker in various variations, roulette, exchange bets, pool bets, and other additional gambling games. An authorized body issues such permission to provide various games in Spain, namely the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling (DJOG).

Tips for playing in Spanish Online Casinos

We want to present a few tips to follow to play at an online casino and still be successful, making the most of your playing time and increasing your chances of winning.

Common payment methods in Spain online casinos

Deposits and withdrawals are an essential part of your online gambling experience. It is recommended that users research and compare the various payment methods available and choose the best suits their needs.


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  • Credit card

    A credit card is one of the most commonly used payment methods. With brands like Master and Visa, cards have become a part of our daily life, and many people no longer use paper money.

  • Skrill

    This is an online platform that allows you to deposit and withdraw more funds. The first thing to do is open an account by filling out the form and submitting all the required documentation. The user will be able to use the account after verification. The company has relatively low fees, and subscribers will have access to a physical card if they become V.I.P. members or pay an annual fee.

  • Neteller

    Today, it is one of the largest virtual wallet companies, and its members will be able to safely and confidently access the service anywhere. Another advantage is the service of international money transfers with support for 22 types of currencies. In addition, the essential feature is that the company has a very advanced anti-malware system. It guarantees your money back in case of fraud and has excellent customer service.

  • PaySafeCard:

    With some information, you can open your account and start playing at the online casino. Enter the P.I.N. code of the card, and after a short time, the money will be transferred.

  • Paypal

    This service is very efficient for receipts and transfers. You can make transfers between company members simply by having an e-mail address to complete the transaction. PayPal is one of the most used online wallets with excellent customer service that quickly solves any difficult situation for customers.

  • EcoPayz

    This cost-effective payment method is also widely used for receipts for online transactions. This is very useful for those who need a prepaid credit card, EcoCard service. With this physical card, you will be able to make payments and withdraw money from A.T.M.s.

  • Western Union

    This company works as a foreign exchange broker for sending and receiving money. The fees are reasonable, and clients are always happy to access this type of financial transaction.

Types of bonuses at online casinos in Spain

There are many types of offers and different kinds of benefits. Before you play, check out our guide to casino bonuses for 2022 in Spain and choose the best one for you!

Games in online casinos in Spain

In traditional casinos and online casinos, the types of games are the same, but there are several different types in online casinos. We have listed the main ones that cover both types of casinos with the help of our expert friends, check it out:



Slots or slot machines are legendary machines that have become a characteristic symbol of traditional casinos. The player only needs to pull the lever in this game and rely on luck to get the winning symbols.

Live Casino

Live casino is an experience created by Top online casinos in Spain to add a more realistic gaming experience to players. Many classic casino games are collected and streamed in high definition with real dealers, for example, games from the developer Netent.

Card games

This type of casino game includes all the classic games that use a deck, for example, poker, blackjack, baccarat. Besides these classic games and their variations, other card games can also be found in this type of game.


Craps is one of the most popular casino games. Although this type of game does not have many options, casino craps can be tricky for the player as strategies must be employed to increase your chances.


Online casinos for real money in Spain

Real money casino is the best that can be for every player! Online gaming has changed player behavior. The online casino for real money has appeared, making all players richer! Since gambling is played for real money, the experience will always be more intense because you can win a sizable prize and the adrenaline rush associated with this type of online interaction. Playing for real money at Licensed online casinos in Spain offers many benefits:

However, gambling is one of the addictions that can harm people, as it is associated with the illusion of easy money and can quickly lead a person to financial ruin. Gambling is a thriving industry because whoever plays the game always wins. However, please do not get carried away with it too much to become a victim of the disease of gambling addiction. Many factors can contribute to the development of gambling addiction, including despair over money, the desire for intense emotions, the social status associated with being a successful gambler, and the fun atmosphere of the play scene. Unfortunately, once gambling addiction takes shape, breaking the cycle becomes difficult. Heavy dependence can take over when someone feels financially desperate and wants to get back what they have lost. Once a person finally wins, although they may end up making a tremendous amount of money from that victory, it is rarely enough to cover what has already been lost. Most players don’t even come close to paying the minimum they have “put” into the game. Excessive gambling often causes various emotional symptoms, including anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts and tendencies. In extreme situations, these thoughts can prompt the player to attempt suicide. Losing everything to play is devastating, and many people feel completely hopeless, potentially destroying entire families in their path. To avoid gambling addiction, follow the principles of responsible gambling. Responsible gambling is a set of rules that encourage gamblers to view gambling as a leisure activity rather than a way to make money.


Is it safe to gamble online in Spain open answer

If online casinos in Spain have the necessary license, then your data will be safe. Therefore, every online casino regulated by DJOG is entirely safe for Spanish players.

Is it legal to play on online casinos in Spain? open answer

Yes, Spain passed a corresponding law in 2011 regulating the field of online gambling. We have described this issue in more detail in our review.

What is the age limit to online casinos in Spain? open answer

Only adults can play in the casino. This contributes to a more reasonable distribution of funds.

How do I deposit to online casinos in Spain? open answer

You need to go to the "Cashier" section of the website and make a deposit. Before that, you must choose a more suitable and convenient payment method among those available in the gaming club.

Are there any tax fees on online gambling winnings in Spain? open answer

If a Spanish citizen wins more than 2500 euros, he will need to declare the winnings as income tax. Also, winnings over €2,500 are taxed at a rate of 20%.

Can I play on online casinos using my mobile phone in Spain? open answer

Yes, the best casino sites on the Internet use modern technologies to activate the game on your mobile phone and tablet. This version does not differ in structure from the P.C. version. The gameplay adapts to the size of your mobile device.

Can I claim an online gambling bonus in Spain? open answer

Of course. You can activate any existing bonuses (the welcome bonus is popular), but first, study the conditions.

What help is available in Spain if I have a gambling problem? open answer

To solve questions and problems on the sites of Spanish online casinos, there is a support service. The fastest way to get an answer is to contact the operators in the chat, but there are other ways of contact (by e-mail or phone number).
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