Best Japan Online Casinos

The online casino market is now saturated, and players receive many offers from providers with different sites. Therefore, it is possible to get confused very quickly. Players need to understand which sites they can play safely and make money from. Our goal is to provide players with recommendations of such sites based on the analysis of many organizations. We do our due diligence on casino operators for secure transactions, payouts, availability of a wide range of games, and access to them for Japanese players. This page compiles the top ten casino sites in Japan, and all you have to do is open the current page with a single click.

Top 10 Japan online casinos

Studying the online gaming market offerings, we were able to identify the 10 top online casinos in Japan. The sites mentioned in this list are reliable partners. They regularly pay winnings and motivation in the form of bonuses for experienced players and those who only plan to start playing in Japan online casino. Such sites include:

Why should you use our site?

Since many online casino providers are on the Japanese market, it is difficult for a player to navigate. That is why various sites recommend certain Japanese online casinos. On each side, you can find different providers, and often they do not even overlap with each other. From such recommendations, a player may even lose the desire to play. Especially if he visited the recommended site, it turned out to be a victim of cheaters or unscrupulous providers.

Our team does a lot of analytical work to find reliable online casino providers in Japan. In addition to analysts studying all offers, offered bonuses, and regular payments, we have employees who have tested the sites mentioned above themselves and made sure of their solvency. We spend our money to recommend players to the best providers in the Japanese market.

Trusted Online Casinos in Japan

Before recommending any of the above-mentioned online casinos in Japan to our visitors, we have done a lot of work. First of all, all important aspects of this kind of provider have been studied. To determine the rating leaders, our analysts studied all the available offers on the Japanese market in this sphere. Only after that, the top ten best online casinos in Japan was chosen according to our version. All the casinos were tested on various parameters. Among them was the availability of licenses from known regulatory agencies, security of transactions, and so on. Also, essential criteria in the study of online casinos are considered:

All of these points are important to players. If the site has a small assortment of games and they are all the same, sooner or later, the player will get bored with such a site. Our rating includes providers with a wide range of gambling entertainment, from slots to roulette or poker.

On a good site, the providers provide different ways to make deposits and withdraw winnings. The easiest way is to transfer to a bank card. However, this is not easy to do in Japan. Most players use electronic wallets. Therefore, Japanese providers should consider the most popular way to deposit and withdraw money and sign contracts with such payment systems. In our ranking, players will find casinos that offer several variations of withdrawals and deposits.

The presence of a license from a well-known regulatory body is considered one of the fundamental indicators of the reliability of online casinos in Japan. Players who want to play at online casinos in Japan for real money should be safe. Just such a license acts as a guarantee of safety. If a casino does not have a license, the player should bypass it. All of the sites on our list are licensed casinos in Japan.

Players need to be lured to the sites. As in other businesses, online casinos use special marketing tricks. For example, they provide players with special bonuses or promotions for registering. If the casino doesn’t do this, players will choose another site that provides them with bonus programs. The most common online casino in Japan offer the following bonus formats:

Free spins are considered the most popular. These are free slot spins that a player can apply to win. As a result, both the move he makes and he can save his money. This is an excellent bonus for beginners and experienced players alike. Multipliers are a more complicated type of bonus. It can be received if a player has spent or won a certain amount (or made a deposit). In this case, the amount will be multiplied by a particular coefficient. Such bonuses have a mandatory condition, and before hoping to receive them, the player must understand exactly whether he fulfills the requirement of its accrual. Combined bonuses are a mix of free spins with multipliers (a complex bonus that not all players manage to get).

Support on the site is also essential for players. They need to get answers to their questions as quickly as possible. To do this, providers develop round-the-clock online chats and provide emails. In some cases, casinos create a hotline where operators answer in different languages.

Online Gambling Sites in Japan

Japanese culture is one of the oldest in the world. Therefore, the development of many industries has a long history. In this country, as far back as the 7th-century AD, dice were played.

In the Middle Ages, people placed a lot of bets on horse races and other tournaments. In 1718, the first law appeared, regulating gambling and dividing the industry into big bets and small bets. In the 20th century, Pachinko machines (the equivalent of American pinball) appeared.

To this day, it is still one of the most popular games of chance in the country. With the development of technology and the opening of foreign markets in Japan began to gain popularity more familiar to European games (roulette, Blackjack, and slots). Now more and more Japanese players are registering at online casino sites in Japan.

Tips for playing in Japanese Online Casinos

Players need to choose suitable online gambling Sites in Japan. If you make a mistake, it is fraught with the risk of losing your money. In this case, the player may lose money without ever playing on the site. In order not to be in this situation, we recommend players the tips listed below.

Common payment methods in Japan online casinos

For online casinos working for the Japanese market, it is essential to have several ways to deposit money and withdraw it to users’ accounts. Most often, such institutions offer the use of:

Each method has advantages. In Japan, only online casinos registered in offshore zones operate. Therefore, the first two options are not very popular. The problem is that Japanese banks can block such transfers, so players rarely use them. If the card procedure is more or less loyal, then bank transfers are not an option for Japanese players. The most popular way for Japanese players is an electronic wallet. Most often, players use e-wallets such as PayPal, Rapid Transfer, Neteller, Skrill.

Withdrawal to the phone is used in Europe and North America. For Japanese players, it is not a popular way, but it can also be used. The main advantage is the rapid crediting of money to the cell phone account. However, it is impossible to use them for purposes other than to recharge the cell phone. Therefore, Japanese players are not very fond of this method of withdrawal.

Cryptocurrency is an exciting market. The number of transactions increases every day, and players open new accounts in different cryptocurrencies every day. However, there is a high probability that this method will be a priority for online casinos in the coming years, and the leading providers will establish this method of transactions.

Types of bonuses at online casinos in Japan

As we pointed out earlier, an online casino needs to have a bonus program for its users. This is the first impression for players and shows how much the casino is willing to sacrifice its income for cooperation. The most common types of bonuses that online casinos distinguish are the following:

The welcome bonus is an essential factor for every online casino in Japan. It is credited upon registration to absolutely all users. This is a good marketing ploy, which allows the casino to get a customer. Most often, it’s free spins or accrual of money to the account at registration.

Deposit bonus credited to players when they open the first deposit. Most often, a multiplier is used to give the player more money in his gaming account. In this case, the player can not immediately withdraw the funds received through the deposit.

No deposit bonuses are now rare, but some casinos may offer them. Such a bonus is awarded to players for playing specific slots or other games. For example, if a player wins a certain amount of money, he can get a bonus of this format.

VIP bonus can not be applied to every player. It is awarded only to those users who have the appropriate category and status as VIP players. As a rule, these are impressive bonuses and the opportunity to play to get a large jackpot. In this case, most often combined bonuses (free spins and multipliers) are used.

Loyalty bonuses are provided to players throughout the game at an online casino. For example, if the player during the year regularly plays on the site of the online casino. Such bonuses motivate the player to continue to bet on the site and are a way to retain players for the online casino.

Games in online casinos in Japan

Many online casinos in Japan offer players a wide variety of games. This helps retain an audience of users and enables them to rearrange themselves in case they get tired of one type of game and can start playing something else on the same site. The most popular games for online casinos in Japan are considered to be the ones described below.

  1. Online Slots are the most popular types of games. In this case, it is several spinning reels with three or more rows. The game prescribes all the options for winning combinations, and the player only needs to match them correctly. To do this, they develop strategies. You can also adjust the bet amount, for example, a few steps to do on the minimum, then increase and fish the right combination.
  2. Poker is also a popular game all over the world. As a rule in online casinos, the game is either against the dealer or against other players. You have to collect an older combination of cards to win. In Japan, the game is also gaining popularity, and more and more users are purposefully registering on sites to play it.
  3. Blackjack is a very famous game all over the world. Like the previous option, you can play with a dealer or play with another player. In Blackjack, the face value of each card is prescribed, and the player needs to collect a combination that will give a total of 21 points. If there is an overcount – the player automatically loses. But if both players are short – the winner is the one who got the closest number of points.
  4. Roulette is a very famous game all over the world. It is offered in every casino. The player needs to bet on the number and color of the cell, which will stop the ball while the roulette wheel is spinning.
  5. Bingo is a kind of lottery. Players receive tickets, and the dealer tells them the number to cross out if it is on the key. The winner is the player who crosses out the first line on the ticket.

Online Casinos for real money in Japan

Players need to understand that they will be playing online casinos for real money in Japan. Many people mistakenly think that such games are free, but they are not. Such platforms are designed for players to make money, but they also need to invest their own money for a chance to win.

You shouldn’t be so scared of playing online casino games. Yes, it has its share of risk, but that’s why gamblers play to get their share of adrenaline and make money. Playing for real money casinos, a player gets a lot of fun and a chance to earn a decent amount quickly. In this case, you should always play with a cold calculation. If a player can not stop in time, it is worth getting exceptional help because the gambling addiction is terrible.


Is it safe to gamble online in Japan? open answer

It is safe for players from Japan to play online games. Unlike other countries, the government does not even prosecute offshore companies for such activities.

Is it legal to play on online casinos in Japan? open answer

Yes, in Japan, you can play at online casinos that are registered in offshore zones.

What is the age limit to online casinos in Japan? open answer

In Japan, only persons over 18 years old can play online.

How do I deposit to an online casino in Japan? open answer

Debit cards, electronic wallets, cryptocurrency.

Are there any tax fees on online gambling winnings in Japan? open answer

There is no tax on winnings at online casinos for regular players. If a player has professional status in this sphere, winnings are considered income, and tax will be collected.

Can I play on an online casino using my mobile phone in Japan? open answer

Yes, many popular online casinos in Japan have developed mobile applications through which you can play.

Can I claim an online gambling bonus in Japan? open answer

Yes, online casinos provide various kinds of bonuses, but you need to study the conditions of their charge.

What help is available in Japan if I have a gambling problem? open answer

In the case of any questions, the player should contact online support. This can be a 24-hour chat room, a hotline, or sending an email.
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