Pay by phone casino

Mobile gambling is here to stay. It’s harder to find a platform where you can’t play via your phone that where you can. But is the same true for pay by phone casino? This seems to be a lot trickier than you might expect.

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What is pay by phone casino?

There are two ways for phone payment in pay by phone bill casino Australia. There is Pay per Call and deposit via SMS. So this is not the same as, say, using a PaySafeCard from your mobile.

If you have a prepaid card the money is deducted from your balance. Just like when you buy something from the Play Store. With a subscription, you see the amount on your next bill. How this all works exactly, we’ll explain in a moment.

There are not many platforms that offer mobile payment. Among the list of best online casinos at Golden Crown you won’t find one. Still, there are phone providers that support it and you can pay with your phone.

Please note that you must first verify that this is indeed your phone number. Otherwise you can easily borrow someone’s phone to gamble on his or her behalf. You confirm that this is your number by sending a secure passport copy. They also ask for a copy of your last phone bill.

How does depositing via your phone work?


If the online casino allows mobile payments, here’s how you do it. It is useful to know that you do not only do this from a mobile number. You can also do it from your home phone. You can also always check if they give you a special casino bonus for mobile deposits.

Pay per Call

The online casino gives you a 0900 number to call. At the other end of the line you get a menu that you can navigate through. Here you set up to pay per minute or immediately a fixed amount. First check what the minimum deposit is that the platform requires you to make. Otherwise, you may be shocked at the end of the month when you get your bill.

After choosing the amount, you will receive an access code. It is best to write this down. Then you enter it online so that the money finds its way to your balance. It can also work the other way around. The platform gives you the special code and you enter it into your phone.

Paying by SMS

Besides calling, you can also send a message to pay. This is a lot faster than a call to the number. It works as follows:

Navigate to the payment page, where you then choose to pay by SMS or mobile deposit. You fill in the desired amount and your phone number. You will be sent a verification code which you must send to a specified number.

You will receive a message confirming your payment with an overview of the costs. The money is immediately added to your balance and deducted from your phone bill. A pretty simple and fast way to pay at the online casino, right?

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile payment online casino
Of course this way of paying is not without disadvantages. Nevertheless, we’ll first list some of the advantages that mobile deposit offers.

Mobile payments at the online casino are safer than many other payment methods. You don’t have to share sensitive banking information with the platform. Especially if you deposit via a prepaid card, you can’t lose more money than is in your balance.

Also, not everyone has a credit card to deposit with. Every player above the minimum age does have a phone number. You also don’t have to specially create a profile with a payment service like PayPal.

However, this method is mainly used for small amounts. To prevent fraud, online casinos also impose a low maximum limit.

Finally, it only works in one direction. You can only make mobile payments at an online casino. Payouts are made through a different route. Bank transfer is an option that almost every platform offers.

Which pay by phone casinos?

Mobile payments can be made at several online casinos. Examples include Kahuna Casino.