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Live Roulette is the classic version of live casino roulette. The game has changed over the years.

Live rouletteIn older versions of live roulette, it was only possible to follow the game through a single camera of poor quality. Fortunately, the game is growing rapidly thanks to the innovations of famous developers. Nowadays, live roulette is a real experience because of the atmosphere, good picture and sound quality and the possibility of interaction.

On this page, we tell you about this popular live casino game. We will tell you about how to play live roulette, which online casinos you can play live roulette and which variants are the most popular online casino nowadays!

Best Live Roulette Casinos 2022



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Zoome Casino

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Golden Crown

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100% up to $10,000 + 100 freespins



Golden Star

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$500 or 7.5 MBTC and 100 spins



GunsBet Сasino

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100% up to AUD1,000 + 100 free spins



Loki Casino

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100% up to € 1000



Joo Casino

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Welcome Package 1000 AUD + 100 Freespins



N1 Casino

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400 $ + 200 FreeSpins



Getslots Casino

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Queenspins Casino

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To be clear: try to avoid online casinos where the live casino does not look good enough and was developed by an incompetent team somewhere in ‘Timbuktu’ with employees of unknown origin.

In addition, choose casinos where you can safely deposit and withdraw money.

Be reasonable: play only at live casinos that we recommend and that have mandatory licenses and permits.

Technology and rules of live roulette

This game was called: the game of the devil. Because if you add up all the numbers on the table, you get the number 666.

The idea of the game is simple. The ball spins on the roulette wheel and lands on any number. The player who bets on that number or one of the characteristics (red / black, even / odd or high / low) wins and gets the payout.

As you have noticed, you can bet on many different results when playing Live Roulette.

Basically the rule of thumb is this: betting on the outcome with multiple choices (e.g. red or black) will give you a lower payout. On the other hand, if you bet on one number, the payout is much bigger.

Below you will find an overview of the betting options and the corresponding payouts:

ConditionsWhat numbers?Paycheck
1-18 (low numbers)from 1 to 181x bet
19-36 (high numbers)from 19 to 361x bet
Let’s see18 even numbers1x bet
Weird18 odd numbers1x bet
Ed18 red numbers1x bet
Black18 black numbers1x bet
1st place 12 (first boxes)from 1 to 122x bet
2nd place 12 (second boxes)from 13 to 242x bet
3rd place 12 (third dozen)from 25 to 362x bet

Live Roulette betting opportunities

There are live roulette providers that add extra betting opportunities to the game offer according to the wishes of the visitors. This gives the member the opportunity to use a variety of betting methods. Some of these forms come from an authentic casino on earth.

Examples of these alternative betting options are as follows:

Most live casinos have also added a racetrack to their live roulette.

They offer the possibility to bet on certain parts of the table. This allows you to simplify the game and resume it faster.

Return to a player in Live Roulette Live

The return to player (RTP) in roulette is usually 97.3%. However, there are differences where RTP has a different percentage.

For example, lightning roulette has an RTP of 97.10% if you bet on 1 number. In American roulette, due to the two green planes on the wheel, the RTP also differs from 97.3%.

It is easy to find the RTP percent of a live roulette table. By pressing the question mark or the help you can find in this review.

Minimum and maximum investments

Another important part of the live roulette table is the minimum and maximum insert. This depends on the gambling site and may affect your choice of joining.

We often see that large Australian online casinos allow a higher maximum deposit than smaller casinos.

Generally speaking, the minimum deposit is € 0.10 and the maximum deposit is € 10,000.

Maximum Payout for Live Roulette

The maximum payout is made on the winning bet on an individual number.

Another interesting payout is with the “full complete” win number with the maximum deposit without wagering anything else.

Trust us, this paycheck will make you feast.

Live roulette developers

There are more and more developers of live casino games nowadays. The most famous producers are Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Pragmatic Play.

Slightly less known are game developers such as Ezugi Gaming and Authentic Gaming. These game developers also have their own live roulette tables, but they are much less of a good quality. Evolution Gaming is the number one live casino for us and releases the best games.

In addition to live roulette classic, Evolution Gaming is also the creator of various popular variants such as LightningRoulette and Immersive Roulette.

Both Playtech and Pragmatic Play are second in the classification. The live roulette variants from these game developers are Mega Roulette and Quantum Roulette – these roulette variants are definitely worth a try.

In the past, NetEnt also produced its own live casino games under the name “NetEnt Live”. Following the acquisition of NetEnt by Evolution Gaming in 2020, the NetEnt Live division was dissolved.

We advise you to avoid live roulette games developed by game developers that are not listed on this page. Not because these variants are not safe, but because live roulette at the Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Pragmatic Play tables is the greatest fun to play!

To sum up

Live roulette is one of the most popular games you can play at a live casino. Playing roulette and the aim of the game are simple. Before turning on the wheel, you need to predict at which level the ball will stop.

You can bet on various parameters such as color, number, zone and whether the number is even or odd. You can win the highest payout in standard live roulette by betting on one number.

You can play different variants of the live roulette game online. Popular variants are Lightning Roulette and Immersive Roulette – with these variants you can win very high prizes and these games are developed by Evolution Gaming.

Live Roulette is an extremely addictive game and belongs to the classic table games.


Are there live casinos with live roulette bonuses? open answer

Yes, there are live casinos that have specific bonuses for different live casino games.

What happens if the connection is disconnected during Live Roulette? open answer

If the connection is interrupted while playing, the game will continue and your money will be safe in your account. If the connection is disconnected after you have placed your bet, the round will be played and you will either win or lose your money. You can often see what number the ball has landed on. If you don't see this again, we recommend contacting customer service.
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