High roller casino in Australia

High roller” is a person who invests money in risky ventures, a real gambler. The collocation of these two words is very strong, so we mean players who are specifically looking for a sharp feeling in high-stakes casinos. In this article, everyone will learn how to find a high roller casino for yourself and how high rollers differ from regular players. In more detail, we will tell about it:

Best high-roller casino in Australia



Free Pokies


N1 Casino

star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

400 $ + 200 FreeSpins



7Bit Casino

star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

100% bonus up to $300 or 1.5 btc




star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

100% Up To AU$500



Queenspins Casino

star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

100% up to AU$500



Grand Rush

star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

200% up to $1000 + 50 free spins



Fight Club Casino

star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

200% Up To 600 AUD + 150 Free Spins



Ricky Casino

star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

AU$7500 bonus + 550 free spins



How we choose the best high-roller casino

At the beginning of our article, we’ve included a ranking of the best high-stakes gambling brands. So we will show what our list was based on.

Legality and security

First of all, we take into account such criteria as legality and security. It is important to us that players can place bets at casinos that are licensed by international bodies that regulate gambling and control the activities of the gambling brands for which a license has been issued. The most important bodies are the MGA, Curacao and the Ministry of Finance.

Protection of personal data

Another important criterion for us is the security and protection of personal data in such casinos. It is worth choosing a brand that uses the latest encryption technologies, similar to those chosen by the best banks in the world.

Payment methods

The third criterion is payment methods and limits for deposits and withdrawals, which are usually set by the Aussie online casinos themselves . For players wishing to place a high amount bet, the maximum deposit limit and the method by which this high deposit can be made are important. So, we've only ranked sites that accept a wide variety of payment methods.

Casino Convenience

The mobility of the casino website is also important to us, as statistics show that most high rollers are smartphone users with Android or iOS software. Also, high roller players in Australia pay attention to such casinos that accept the game in Australian dollar, although there are also some who prefer betting only on euro. Anyway, our mission is to check what currencies are used in online casinos and whether Australian players can actually fund their account with dollar / euro.

We continue to check the scope of gambling. High roller players are looking for casinos with plenty to choose from to bet on. They are not interested in sites that do not have slots, fruit slots and progressive jackpot slots. Gambling is closely related to casino promotions. This aspect, above all, is important for high roller players. They deposit high stakes in order to claim attractive bonuses that are not available at regular online casinos. From the high stake you can get high cashback as well as a great number of free spins with which you can spend even more time for your favorite pastime, thus increasing your chances of winning.

High roller at online casinos

We briefly mentioned in the previous section that high rollers have more benefits and privileges than a casino. So, for sure our readers were asked who this highroller is and what successes we have to achieve in the casino to become a high roller player.

high-roller playersAs mentioned above, a highroller is a person who pays a lot, thanks to which he pays even more. No website will tell you how much to lose in casinos making high bets. Either way, it all depends on you and the casino you choose. Some people say that becoming a high roller player is possible from the very first second of gambling in the casino. This has to mean that high stakes gaming comes with the Responsible Gaming aspect of a casino. If a player loses the last amount, lends money to his friends and parents to play in an internet casino etc – he will never be called a high roller player, even when he deposits more than regular players.

Sometimes it is even the case that a High roller player makes a high deposit, but very rarely, because thanks to his deposit he receives an interesting offer from the casino and wins money on progressive jackpot slots that cover all his losses. So, as we can see, it all depends on your attitude to this situation and whether or not you really want to become such a player. If you’ve decided to be a high roller, read on.

The road to the high roller level is a matter of time and of course money. First of all, it is worth learning the main tactics and strategies of betting and playing at the casino. This can be done through the various gambling literature or the demo games. Next, read the Casino Rules and explain what the minimum deposit amount is and what options the casino offers for larger deposits. If there is nothing attractive there, it is worth looking for another casino with better conditions. You can also include an aspect such as the Loyalty Program, which is often the VIP Club. The rules and levels of the VIP club differ from the casino, but usually high deposits are required to collect loyalty points for gambling or to receive a higher cashback ratio.

You ask how high roller plays? There are two rules that every high-stakes gambler follows:

High-stakes gambling at online casinos

The high stakes at an online casino are mostly about gambling, everyone knows about it. But here you have to be careful, because we are not talking about an ordinary game for real money, but about a high-stakes game, which can be a deposit of up to several thousand zlotys. The “big player” primarily chooses a solvent slot with an RTP ratio of 97% – 98%. A very common choice of such players are also slots with a progressive jackpot, in which the amount of the win depends directly on how much the player pays. Also, going back to the regular slots, which are classic slots, one-armed bandits, fruit, etc., it can be noted that High Roller players choose slots with a large number of paylines. The paylines are the lines where the most common winning combinations with special symbols like Wild, Scatter, Joker and others appear. The number of such lines is primarily influenced by software providers, e.g. video slot from Endorphin Satoshi’s Secret Slot has 20 paylines, and the RTP is 96%, while some video slots from Apollo Games have up to 81 such lines. Each slot has limits on stakes – minimum and maximum, which limit the possibilities for betting on High Roller players. All the aspects described by us apply to each slot separately.

Another site of an online high-stakes casino is online and live card games, thanks to which you can withdraw several million zlotys if you are playing in a serious game. High Roller players mostly choose Roulette, Poker, Baccarat and Blackjack. This is precisely because each of these table games has many variations and many other variations from different vendors. For example, European roulette is slightly different from American roulette in terms of the rules of the game, but high stakes are possible in all of them anyway. It is the same with Blackjack and Baccarat games. There are even better variations of these Baccarat VIP or Double Attack Blackjack games where high stakes are definitely required, but the odds of winning are also much higher and the rules are more attractive.

Bonus offers at high roller online casinos

Playing with no bonus is not the game High Roller players are looking for as they expect better playing conditions and interesting offers for making high deposits. When it comes to this, every high roller online casino operator tries to surprise the player and offer interesting bonuses due to various aspects of the game. The rule is: the more you pay, the more you get. For our readers, we have compiled a whole list of bonuses that High Roller players can pick up.

A type of bonus in high roller online casinosBonus claiming rules and bonus terms
The best bonuses in high roller online casinosThese are the possibilities. High Roller players can access more online and live games for depositing large amounts. Also, they may have the support of a personal account manager, better conditions for collecting cash back and exchanging loyalty points. Mostly all special offers for HIgh Rollers are related to the functioning of the VIP Club.
Free BonusThis is a casino gift that usually looks like free spins. Although there are cases when the casino may reward the player with a High Roller for an extra deposit or offer additional options in connection with the player’s birthday or referring the casino to a friend.
Cashback High Roller BonusThis is a bonus that uses free money from the casino that the player has received in the form of a cashback or for participating in races. Such money is automatically added to the player’s account and the player continues to place the bet on the basis of these funds.
Wagering bonusFor the turnover determined by the casino with the amount won or the deposit made, the player may receive an additional bonus or point for meeting the casino’s conditions.
Other bonusesHigh Roller players can access the regular bonuses that regular players at online casinos collect. These are promotional codes, free cash to start, no deposit bonus etc. Other types of bonuses depend on the casino’s bonus policy.


There are numerous high roller online casinos that offer live games, bonuses and benefits for players. It is not a big surprise that any player with a lot of money can find a good high roller casino in Germany.

All players have to do at a high roller online casino is check their loyalty program requirements and play at their VIP tables. The high level of entertainment and excitement is guaranteed as long as you gamble responsibly.


What are the perks of being a high-roller player? open answer

Loyal VIP players can count on many bonuses and promotions. For example, high-quality games dedicated and available only to them, or no additional fees for bank transactions or no limit on deposits and withdrawals of money won. In addition, players from land-based casinos can count on invitations to various cultural events and more, as well as exclusive banquets and transport to the casino.

What's the difference between playing as a high-roller player and playing regular games? open answer

Loyal VIP players can count on special extras, bonus bonuses and special privileges, as well as access to extra games. The offer for such players is very rich and varied, thanks to which they can enjoy the highest quality casino entertainment. Free spins are the standard for VIP players.

Are there any preferred online casinos for high-rollers? open answer

Yes of course. Some online casinos strongly promote VIP loyal players. The largest international online casinos fully satisfy the need for high-quality games for high-stakes players. When choosing the right casino, it is worth following the brand's reputation and its experience in the gambling industry, as well as reviewing the offer of a given casino for high-stakes players in terms of VIP programs.

Do highroller players also have to make minimum deposits? open answer

Yes, it is required in most land and online casinos. Everything is included in the casino regulations.

How can you get into the highroller casino? open answer

In the case of land-based casinos, the amount that has to be deposited in one go is usually quite large. And in the case of online casinos, even a simple deposit can turn you from being a regular player to a high roller. Usually it is US $ 1,000 or less or the equivalent in another currency. Keep in mind that a large and frequent amount of play is important to maintain your status as a high-roller player.
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