Best Crypto Casino Australia

crypto-casinos-logo.pngThe whole world is surrendering to cryptocurrencies. There are more and more industries that simply cannot resist the power of attraction that coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum have.

Well to be on top of all online industries, iGaming has introduced what is known as the best online crypto casinos. Although beware, these are not limited – on the contrary, they are platforms that offer everything imaginable in the world of gambling.

Basically, crypto casinos Australia are platforms that have introduced currencies such as Bitcoin Casinos, Ethereum, or Litecoin, as part of the new payment methods. Of course, there are crypto casinos known as pure crypto casinos, which only offer cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

Top Crypto Casinos Australia



Free Pokies


Zoome Casino

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100% Bonus + 100 Free Spins



Golden Crown

star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

100% up to $10,000 + 100 freespins



Golden Star

star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

$500 or 7.5 MBTC and 100 spins



GunsBet Сasino

star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

100% up to AUD1,000 + 100 free spins



Loki Casino

star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

100% up to € 1000



Joo Casino

star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

Welcome Package 1000 AUD + 100 Freespins



Queenspins Casino

star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

100% up to AU$500



Getslots Casino

star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

100% UP TO $300



Bizzo Casino

star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

100% up to 100 euro



National Casino

star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

100% up to $/€180 and 100 bonus rotations on The Lost Kingdom Slot



Then there are the hybrids, where cryptocurrencies are only a part of the large catalog of payment methods.

Well, to better explain to you how crypto casinos are performing in Australia, we have dug a little bit into the subject. So, you will understand perfectly what awaits you if you use your crypto wallet for slots, table games, and many more fascinating games.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Australia?

The topic of online gambling in Australia is a curious one – to say the least. Actually, there is no local iGaming in Australia, as it is forbidden to have local operators. Therefore, it can be said that domestic online casinos do not exist.

But that hasn’t stopped Australia from continuing to rank among the most passionate gambling countries. In fact, Australia is in the top 10 of countries with the most gambling.

The reason why iGaming is so popular in Australia is because crypto online casinos, for example, coming from abroad, can operate perfectly well. It is true that they do not follow Australian laws, but their features are not limited in any way.

Countries like Malta, Curacao, or the UK ensure that online gambling is regulated correctly. For this they have important gambling authorities such as the MGA or the UKGC.

In the case of Curaçao it is more interesting, since most of the online casinos crypto come from the small Caribbean Island. This is due to the fact that Curaçao has more permissive laws and regulations – although one should not automatically think that this alone makes the license less credible.

The vast majority of online casinos offering cryptocurrencies in Australia come from Curaçao, and that’s why their seal on the footer of any casino is a good sign.

Of course, some of these casino sites can be more difficult to access. Usually, if there is a license involved, the casino operator has to take certain security measures to comply with all the requirements.

Luckily, there is more than one way around that blockade in Australia. Let’s see in the following section how to get to gamble at any online casino, without having to say goodbye to certain games.

VPN at Australian Crypto Casinos

When you are unlucky enough to come across an excellent online casino that is blocked, it can really spoil all the expectations you had for that session.

It turns out that many crypto casinos Australia suffer from such blockages, because the operators are not allowed or refuse to offer their services in Australia.

Luckily, you can solve this problem by using a VPN. If you want to comfortably access these casinos, then we recommend that you use one of these three VPNs:

How We Choose the Best Crypto Casino Australia

To really find the best casinos crypto, it is not enough to know the minimum. It takes experience and the right eye to find platforms that meet all the criteria.

To enlighten you more on this topic, we want to help you find the best casinos – using our method and our criteria, according to our iGaming experts.

This is how we choose the best online casinos, and in this case, the casinos that offer the best possibility to play with cryptocurrencies:

Pros and Cons Best Crypto Casino Australia

To talk only about the positives of crypto casinos Australia would be a lie. We also need to be transparent with drawbacks, as there are always going to be drawbacks.

We have really studied everything that makes a crypto casino experience great, and what can completely spoil it. So, pay attention to what is going to make it worth your while to register a crypto casino account, and what might make you avoid them all together:

Pros of Crypto Casinos

Cons of Crypto Casinos

Why Play Crypto Casino in Australia?

As in all other countries where iGaming is popular, casinos crypto are one of the main trends. Apart from the fact that most players are switching to mobile casinos, it can clearly be said that the best crypto online casinos are the most desired feature among Australian players.

But is it just a fad or are we talking about the new direction online gambling is taking? Here are some reasons, why it is worth at least trying a crypto casino in Australia:

  1. Decentralization: If you don’t want to depend on an authority, then crypto casinos give you everything you need. Thanks to their own way of being, cryptocurrencies offer total independence from the financial system. Let’s say it’s as if you were the captain of your own economic ship.
  2. Anonymity: As we have just mentioned in the advantages of playing with cryptocurrencies, anonymity is always present. If you are a careful gambler, then this aspect will be fundamental for you.
  3. Different Values & Currencies: As there are so many currencies out there, you will be able to play with different values as well. So, you won’t just have to rely on what the Bitcoin is worth at any given moment.
  4. Instant Payments: The fact that you can withdraw your money in a matter of 15 minutes is also spectacular. Mind you, you’ll have to know how to make a transaction beforehand, so you don’t screw up when withdrawing a big win at a casino.

The Most Popular Cryptocurrencies in Crypto Casinos

It would be illogical to talk about crypto online casinos without going into the subject of the coins themselves. It is true that over the years, the dominance of certain currencies such as Bitcoin has not disappeared.

Therefore, it would be illogical to talk about many of the currencies that have not yet been fully introduced in iGaming. So, let’s see which are the most used cryptocurrencies and which will give you the most advantages when you start playing a crypto slot or bonuses:


The world’s first cryptocurrency was christened Bitcoin in 2009. The founder of this currency and concept is still unknown, but thanks to him/her, we are currently living an era of pure online financial splendor.

Bitcoin has the absolute advantage that it is worth much more than any other currency. It is basically the mother of cryptocurrencies, having initialized the whole process of decentralization.

That’s why, BTC is the dominant currency at crypto casinos online. On top of that, most bonuses and promotions highlight Bitcoin as the only method.


The equivalent of Pepsi for Coca-Cola but in the vast universe of cryptocurrencies is Ethereum. It is the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world, which is constantly improving.

Ethereum was created in 2013 by a Russian genius, who is currently only 28 years old and is considered the youngest billionaire in the world.

The great advantages that Ethereum offers is that it is much faster than Bitcoin and has less commissions. What does not speak so well of Ethereum is that in terms of security, it is not up to par with Bitcoin either.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash can be seen as a fix for all the problems Bitcoin has had, but in a new currency. We talk here mainly about speed and transaction times, as these were the big downsides of the original currency.

What is also interesting about Bitcoin Cash is that it is quite popular in crypto casinos online. It is usually the third most common choice, so it is also not an unknown currency for bonuses and promotions.

However, the value of Bitcoin Cash is far below BTC, and it will probably not overtake its big brother so quickly either.


The second oldest cryptocurrency in history is Litecoin. This coin appeared only two years after Bitcoin, and unfortunately still maintains a much lower value in the market.

Still, Litecoin offers excellent reliability and anonymity. These are the two main reasons why Litecoin is always a very present option in crypto currency casinos.

Crypto WalletsCrypto-wallets-png

In the next section you will see why your crypto wallet will be so important for crypto gambling. But so that you don’t make a mess, we want to explain what these crypto wallets are and what they are for.

Basically, a crypto wallet is the place where you store your newly purchased coins. They are virtual wallets that are completely safe and reliable – especially the ones we are going to list for you here:


For those who want a super user-friendly experience, we definitely recommend Electrum. This is a crypto wallet that is secure and extremely popular.

In terms of security, Electrum is the perfect mix between paper and online wallets. It may not be as versatile as other crypto wallets, but it is an ideal wallet for those who are new to the world of crypto wallets and crypto casinos Australia. Perfect to start with.


Even people who are not particularly interested in cryptocurrencies have probably heard of Coinbase. Their cold wallets are especially interesting in terms of security, and it makes Coinbase also at the top.

In addition, Coinbase offers a spectacular mobile app with all kinds of features. Of course, Coinbase has a verification process that can take some time – so calculate well when creating your crypto wallet.


If you consider yourself more of a mobile gamer at crypto online casinos, then Edge is perhaps the best solution for you. Especially for iOS users, Edge is a fantastic all-round solution. It is mainly based on privacy and security.

What makes Edge among the best in the market is that its multi-purpose options make it almost unbeatable. You can store multiple cryptocurrencies while having numerous features and a stunning design.

How to Bank at Best Crypto Online Casinos?

What scares many players is the fact that they have to make deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrencies. The fact that there is no company to handle it scares them.

Well, let us tell you that the reality is completely different, as both deposits and withdrawals are extremely easy to make.

Once you have made the first transaction, you will see that it is a procedure like any other. The only thing is that the currency changes and perhaps the way of doing it – but it is still as easy as using your dollars, pounds, or euros.

These are the steps you have to follow if you want to make your deposits or withdrawals at crypto currency casinos:

  1. Find a Reliable Crypto Wallet and Open an Account: Before you can be seduced by casinos crypto, you will need to open a crypto wallet. This wallet will serve to store your coins safely. As you have already seen, opening an account in one of these wallets is very easy.
  2. Transfer Funds into Your Crypto Wallet: As soon as you have your wallet up and running, you will have to load it with money. To get the cryptocurrencies, you can use your existing payment methods such as a debit or credit card. The amount of funds will depend on you, but it is recommended that you transfer at least enough to make the minimum deposit in the casino.
  3. Open a Casino Account: Now that you have your crypto wallet with money, it’s time to jump into the crypto casino you like the most. Just go to the main page of the casino and there you will see the ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Join’ button. As soon as you click it, you will see a form that you will have to fill in and confirm.
  4. Deposit into the Crypto Casino Using Your Crypto Wallet: Once you have your casino account, the only thing that separates you from the games is your deposit. Go to the ‘Cashier’ section, choose your desired cryptocurrency and complete the transaction. Now you are ready for the ride!

Crypto Casino Bonuses

It doesn’t matter if you play a crypto gambling game or a fiat money game: the bonus counts. That’s why crypto casino Australia must also know how to be generous to its crypto players.

During our long analysis we came across a few bonuses that seemed very interesting. But, we have limited our selection to the ones we use to explain you well what the experience of using them is all about:

Tips for Playing with Cryptocurrency Safely

Whether you use cryptocurrencies as a form of investment or play online with them, you need to stay safe. After all, this is real money, which can quickly disappear if you don’t take the necessary measures.

Below we want to share with you some tips to play at the best online crypto casinos without any concern:




Are crypto casinos safe? open answer

This depends on many factors. The main factor that will speak in favor of the security of a crypto casino is its license. Still, the fact of using cryptocurrencies for transactions raises the level of security, and above all anonymity.

How to create an account in a cryptocurrency casino? open answer

The process of creating an account in a crypto casino is the same as in any other gambling site. Basically, you just go to the main page, find the registration button in the upper right corner and fill in the casino form. Once you have done that, you just need to verify your account.

How to deposit to the casino using cryptocurrency? open answer

What scares many players is that first transaction with cryptocurrencies. This is normal, as it is not a common method. Still, let us tell you that a deposit is very easy. Just log into your casino account and go to the cashier section. There you will see the available cryptocurrencies. Choose the one you want and enter the desired amount. Once you have confirmed the transaction, you will only have to follow the same process as any other cryptocurrency transaction.

How to choose the best crypto casino? open answer

If you want to find the best crypto casino Australia, we suggest you take a look at our list. We have carefully selected the best crypto casinos, which offer both cryptocurrencies and payment methods, as well as exclusive bonuses and games. Moreover, all of them are totally safe and available in Australia.

What cryptocurrencies can be used for the game? open answer

There is already a gigantic amount of cryptocurrencies that are accepted in online casinos. It is true that the main currency is still Bitcoin, but it is also very common to find platforms that accept Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, or others. If you have any doubts, you can contact the customer support team right away and ask them.

Why are most crypto casinos licensed in Curacao? open answer

Most of the crypto currency casinos are licensed in Curacao because it is the gambling authority that works best with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Curacao eGaming has been ahead of other authorities in seeing cryptocurrencies as a payment method, and that is why more and more casino sites are encouraged to get a Curacao license.
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