What is RNG and RTP and how they work in slot machines


The aesthetic side of slot machines is always immediately striking: mesmerizing symbols, bright colors, frantically spinning reels, and all sorts of bonuses; but behind each of these elements is the mechanics that govern slot machines. RNG (random number generator) and RTP (return to player) are two basic acronyms that everyone who is into slot machines should know: the first refers to the algorithm required for the operation of slot machines, while the second is more interesting. for players, because it indicates the statistical return of online casinos (or land-based) in this game. In this article Online Casino Hub Blog, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the two mechanisms behind slots. Take advantage of promotions and welcome bonuses to start playing and winning online, and make sure you understand all of the mechanical workings of the slot machines.

How does the random number generator (RNG) work?

What does RNG mean in gaming? The first dynamic you need to know is the RNG, the abbreviation for the random number generator, or algorithm, which generates numbers in a completely random and unpredictable way and which is the base of operation of slot machines in online casinos and casinos today. RNG meaning present in all gaming software and is a program that can continuously produce a series of numbers from one to ten digits, hundreds of times per second. Each number produced corresponds to a symbol and a certain position on the reel: therefore, during the game, when the reels stop, the software chooses the symbols and the position in which they will stop completely at random, thus determining the outcome of the game. Therefore, pokies players can be sure that the random number generator is one of the safest methods of guaranteeing the fairness of the slot machines, thanks to its variability and the reliability of the algorithm that regulates it.

The two main functions that regulate the RNG

The microchip which provides the operation of the Random Number Generator contains complete, highly sophisticated, and sophisticated software thanks to which each slot machine determines the position of the symbols in a random and completely unbiased manner. Therefore, in order for this to happen, it is important that it be perfectly tuned. Below are two basic functions of the RNG generator:

  • Payout Frequency: this is a term designed to indicate the frequency with which the slot produces a winning combination.
  • Payback Rate: The payback rate refers to the percentage of the slot machine’s payoff determined by the operation of the RNG.

The combination of these two factors allows the slot machines to guarantee the impartiality and randomness of their results: over the years, the RNG has become an indispensable protection and a reason to trust all players. Online gambling is becoming an increasingly common habit, whether it be slot machines or video poker, roulette, or blackjack online: it is very important that you can rely on this kind of criteria in order to play with complete peace of mind.

How does RTP (Return to Player) work?

What is RTP gambling? Another fundamental acronym that those who play slot machines should pay attention to is the RTP, acronym stands for Return To Player, meaning the statistical return of the casino on a given game: you can determine the average percentage that is stable enough for each slot machine or casino game and adjust it accordingly in order to choose which slot to play. This figure is expressed as a percentage and can vary between high RTP and low RTP. The higher the percentage, the more interesting it will be to watch: a high RTP meaning essentially a sign of greater convenience for those who play, as slots with a high RTP are those in which they win more often. In the case of high return per player, however, very often the amounts to be won are lower than in games with low RTP, which instead reward the desire to win higher jackpots even at the cost of more risk, such as in slots with progressive jackpots. The RTP is definitely a key factor to consider when choosing a slot machine, whether it’s free online slots or slots distributed in land-based casinos.

Pros and cons of playing slots with low RTP compared to slots with high RTP

So, the RTP is the second important factor for the correct and transparent operation of a slot machine. As we have seen, a slot machine with a low RTP, such as a progressive jackpot, may be more convenient to play if your goal is to win big: the RTP is essentially lower because each spin a small percentage of it will be added to the prize pool, making it much more attractive. Nevertheless, some players may prioritize the opportunity to win more often over winning larger amounts – at which point, of course, your individual preferences in choosing slots with a high RTP come into play.

To be able to choose a slot with a low or high RTP, always check the rules or payout table for each slot machine: the RTP is always stated in percentages, which are usually in the range of 90% to 98.5%.

RNG and RTP of the most popular slots

All the RTP of the main free online slots is always available in the game descriptions, so you can check and compare them to each other. Below you will find the data relating to the most common and therefore most popular slots: in any case, remember that these are averages, not fixed values, which will help you choose the slots that best suit your needs.

  • Starburst slot: the RTP of this slot machine with stars is one of the highest: usually 96.1%;
  • Bonanza slot: slightly lower than the previous one, but still very high: 96%;
  • Book of Ra slot: 95.1% for one of the most famous slot machines in the world, which takes place in ancient Egypt;
  • Blood Suckers slot: between vampires and dark atmosphere this is probably the one with the highest RTP: 98% on average;
  • Gonzo’s Quest slot: average RTP, 96%, and plenty of adventure to accompany Gonzo on his quest for El Dorado;
  • Extra Chilli Slot: this fiery slot has an equally sharp RTP, usually between 96.1% and 96.2%;
  • Fruit Shop slot: vintage atmosphere and very current winnings, this slot has an RTP of 96.7%;
  • Victorious Slot: Win while having fun at Imperial Rome with an RTP ranging from 96.8% to 96.9%;
  • Book of Dead slot: partner with archaeologist Rich Wild and find out what you will win in this slot with a very high RTP: 96,2%;
  • Star Jackpots slot: finally, a special StarCasinò slot awaits you with an average RTP of 92%, perfect for those looking for big jackpots.
Denis Mak

Denis Mak