Slot machine Bonuses and Mini-games

Slot machine bonuses and mini-games

Playing slot machines, in physical or online casinos, is always a rewarding experience: one of the main reasons is that when it comes to slots the surprises never end! In fact, it often happens that during the game the winnings can multiply or that it is possible to access new special game sessions: it is all thanks to the bonuses and mini-games. Every slot machine, in fact, is programmed to make both of these features available to you, and, although you cannot predict exactly when they will be activated, every time you choose to play with a free slot machine you can find out in advance what bonuses and online mini-games it makes available to you. In this article from Online Casino Hub Blog, you will be able to reveal all the secrets of the bonuses and which free online slot machines have the most interesting slot mini-games, so you can really play and have the most fun.

How do bonuses work?

There is nothing better than getting a surprise, even better if unexpected, during a game: the bonuses you can win while playing with pokies are always welcome, considering that you can also play roulette or blackjack online.

Moreover, those who play slot machines know that every slot provides special symbols that entitle you to exciting and amazing bonuses. The way bonuses work is very simple: when precise conditions occur during the game, such as the appearance of one or more particular slot machine symbols, you can unlock extraordinary game sessions during which you can multiply your earnings, choose tasty rewards, or participate in special mini-games.

The most common bonuses

In addition to special offers such as welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and no-deposit slot bonuses, then, there are also specific bonuses that can be won during each game. Each slot machine has a specific theme and among its symbols always welcomes a bonus symbol, the appearance of which coincides with a special game function. Here are the main types of bonuses are:

  • Bonus free spins

Some slots provide for winning free spins when a specific sequence of bonus symbols occurs

  • Choosing a bonus prize

Upon the appearance of one or more bonus symbols you enter a special screen, thanks to which you can select a prize to receive immediately.

  • Bonus extraordinary session

When one or more bonus symbols appear during the game, it often happens that they unlock a new game session, parallel to the current one, in which to collect additional prizes.

What are mini-games and how to access them?

Bonuses and mini-games are the extra factors that always make slot machines amazing. We have seen how bonuses can give away prizes through luck, but mini-games also play their part in transforming the experience of playing slot machines. Just like bonuses, in fact, mini-games are activated during the game and give access to an additional gaming session, a true “game within a game,” which allows you to test your skills and win free spins and prizes through your skill. Again, the operation of the mini-slot games is very simple: their appearance is unpredictable, but to access them once they are available all you need to do is continue in the game. At that point it will be possible, depending on the type of mini-game that appeared and the reported win, to secure even more rewards and fun.

The most popular mini-games

The mini-games that can appear during games fall into several main categories. Below are the most important ones:

  • “Free spin” mini-games

This type of mini-game, if won, offers the chance to win free spins, during which further winnings can be accumulated.

  • “Pick-em bonus” mini-games

In this type of mini-game, however, it is possible to select an icon and bet on its victory or elimination. In case of victory, the prize it conceals for the player will be revealed.

  • “Bonus match” mini-games

These are real mini-games, during which you match symbols with each other and try to win at online slots thanks to the sums related to them.

How exactly do the bonuses work? Which ones are the best?

You are entitled to a bonus when the symbols necessary for the winning combination capable of unlocking it appear. Bonuses are provided for virtually every slot machine in existence, so the most effective way to access bonuses is to keep playing and take advantage of all the free spins and additional chances that are granted during special game sessions.

What are the most interesting and convenient slot mini-games?

Some mini-games entitle players to free spins, during which they can accumulate additional winnings, and others to special prizes, which “minimize fatigue” and bring them closer to an ideal jackpot: each player certainly has his own preference, in any case, these are well-received twists and turns that give additional adrenaline to one’s play!

To learn about the bonuses and mini-games available for each slot, consult the descriptions found online: in most cases, you can find out in advance what the symbols look like that will entitle you to one or more bonuses and which mini-games are planned for the slots in the subject, thus arriving prepared to their arrival during the games.

Denis Mak

Denis Mak