Apple Pay Casinos

Apple payAlthough the i-devices are popular all around the world, definitely not all internet casinos allow their customers to top up their account balance using an AP (Apple Pay) system. Apple Pay Casinos are rare enough. We allow getting acquainted with the best casinos who give apple pay support.

The popularity of this method is increasing for several reasons.

  1. Payment security. Gamblers want to protect their data and AP does an excellent job of this.
  2. The highest speed of money transfers. Fund instantly by verifying it using the app on your iPhone.
  3. Fingerprint protection allows you to personally verify payments with the most reliable security method.
  4. You can track your cash spending. If a gambler uses Apple Pay, he can keep track of how much money you spend on gambling.

Top 10 Apple Pay Casinos

What is Apple Pay?

Apple pay casinosThe brainchild of Steve Jobs has set itself the goal of creating a secure application that would allow users to make payments, using Apple devices. Apple Pay is just such an application. To comfortably use this program, the user must first connect his bank card or wallet to Apple Pay. It saves time, because instead of having to enter bank card details every time, when a customer makes a transaction, you can confirm it with a fingerprint. If the user has several cards, then he can choose a specific one.

The advantages of the application are security, privacy and speed in the paying process. If you use AP, then to fund your account you need to confirm the transaction, using your finger and wait less than a minute. It will also take a little time to connect Apple Pay to the casino system, which is a great advantage of this deposit method.

Payments with Apple Pay

How can I deposit with Apple Pay?

Fast deposits to a bank card have always been considered the first advantage of AP. All money transfers will be fast. For beginners, we have prepared a step-by-step guide, with the help of which gamblers who use Apple Pay for the first time did not experience any difficulties when making a deposit.

  1. Choose a gambling club for yourself that provides an opportunity to replenish gaming accounts using software from Apple.
  2. Register and verify yourself. During the verification, the gambler will be asked for personal data, with the help of which the administration will be able to confirm the gambler’s identity.
  3. Open the “Cashier” tab. There you must connect your AP and attach it. To link an account in the Apple service, you will need to give one-time personal information from it. The advantage lies in the fact that there is no need to connect a card or wallet directly, ‘cause the service makes the transfer on its own.
  4. After that, the gambler will need to wait for the answer from the administration – confirming the AP account as a valid payment method. Waiting times may differ in different casinos, but on average gamblers wait from one to three hours.
  5. Now that you have the opportunity, make your first top-up using. A player can confirm it using an iPhone with a password or fingerprint.

Fees and Payouts

AP allows all of us to make deposits on the casino account, but not withdraw money with it. Gamblers believe that this is one of the most significant drawbacks. Therefore, even if you connect your own Apple Pay, you’ll need an alternative withdrawal method to withdraw your cash. You can connect an E-wallet or another service for money banking.

At the same time, replenishment of an account in an Australian online casino (OE) will not be subject to additional taxes, which allows significant savings. Gamblers, who use gadgets from Apple often use Apple Cash to withdraw money, and several casinos provide an opportunity to withdraw their winnings to this virtual bank card. If you also want to take advantage of this opportunity, we want to warn you that such a withdrawal is subject to additional fees. The size of the commission for withdrawals to Apple Cash is 3%, which will be paid every time after the transfer.

How can I find an Apple Pay Casino?

If you decide to find an AP Casino for yourself, then you need to be attentive to a fairly large number of details. It was said above, that in such establishments only replenishment of the game account using AP works, but not the withdrawal of money. Therefore, when a gambler chooses a casino, he should think about alternative methods that will be convenient for him. In addition, you should pay attention to other details:

Advantages/Disadvantages of Apple Pay Casino

pluses iconPluses:

  • High-level security is one of the useful advantages. Gamblers pay attention to that, ‘cause the casino will never have access to the gambler's financial data. The Apple Pay app encrypts your credit card information, which prevents the casino from accessing your card directly.
  • No fees or taxes. Even small commissions can seriously affect your financial position if such expenses occur regularly enough. Considering that gamblers often replenish their gaming balance online halls of gambling, commission money transfers can be quite substantial.
  • Instant deposits allow you to receive winnings immediately after a deposit. AP makes it possible to receive money on the gaming account in the casino immediately after confirming the transaction.

pluses iconMinuses:

  • The inability to withdraw through AP prevents gamblers from using this method on an ongoing basis. Someone connects E-wallets or cards directly, while others use alternative withdrawal methods.
  • AP-method is supported by a small number of online casinos. Finding a gambling establishment suitable for all factors can take a long time.
  • AP works only with Apple devices. This means that all gamblers, who use Android or Windows smartphones must look for other deposit ways.

Alternatives of paying system Apple

For users, who can’t use the AP method for some reason, we have prepared a small applications list that can replace AP and have similar advantages with AP.


Are there any Apple Pay deposit limits? open answer

They’re imposed by the administration of gambling clubs. You can find out info about it in the "Cashier" or from technical support operators, but specifically AP doesn’t have its transfer limits.

What games can I play at Apple Pay online casinos? open answer

The assortment of games remains the same as that of most other gambling clubs. Pokies, video poker, roulette, dice, and blackjack are popular. Games with a live dealer have become popular.

Is AP safe for payments? open answer

Yes, and it is the security of AP that attracts hundreds of thousands of players around the world. Apple Pay does not provide direct access to the administration's finance cards, serving as an auxiliary tool for transferring funds.

Are there any fees in Apple Pay? open answer

No, the player does not pay any commission when he uses AP as the main deposit method. However, if you use Apple Cash to withdraw funds, then a 3% fee is applied to the withdrawal.

What bonuses can you get at casinos that take Apple Pay? open answer

The gambling industry is developing, clubs offering gamblers a wide variety of bonuses. The most popular are no deposit prizes, for which you don’t even need to replenish your gaming account. In addition, casinos can encourage players to play regularly through a loyalty program. For frequent bets and deposits, gamblers can get access to special offers and even certain types of bonuses.
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